Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on the munchkins

Everyone keeps asking me what is new with our two little pumpkins.....

Kyndra just turned two years old last month. She is very articulate and talks constantly. Every night when we put her to bed, she recites a Bible verse, prays on her own, and then proceeds to tell her sister and Elmo about Jesus. (We taught her the plan of salvation) She is bright and FULL of energy. If she had it her way, she would spend every minute of the day outside playing. She loves her swingset and sandbox. About a million times a day she asks to watch Little Einsteins. Because of the show, she knows the difference between eagles and other birds, she can distinguish the difference between a violin and a flute, she is familiar with composers like Beethoven and Tchaikovski, and can count to twelve. She is ADDICTED to chocolate. (I wonder who she got that from!) I thought that she would be very jealous of the new baby, but suprisingly, she is a GREAT big sister. I have caught her trying to change Kayla's diaper and trying to feed her from a sippy cup though!

Kayla is really getting some personality now! She is three months old and scoots all over her crib. She is docile, calm, and very good natured. Basically the only times she cries is when she is hungry or her tummy hurts. I prayed for a snuggler because Kyndra is always too busy to snuggle. I got what I asked for. Kayla is content sitting on your lap all day, and she never tires of being held. She giggles and laughs and makes all sort of silly baby faces. She is the chunkier of the two. Her arms and legs look like they have rubber bands on them because of the rolls! She doesn't have multiple chins.... she has multiple NECKS! Bathtime is her favorite time of day, and she loves to kick in the water. She sleeps through the night better than Kyndra does! (I guess she doesn't have bad dreams like her sissy!) Against her mommy's wishes, she prefers to suck her thumb over her pacifier. If she loses the pacifier in the night, she always wakes up with a thumb in her mouth. Her middle name is Joy, and it fits her perfectly.

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