Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kyndra's latest game is to play peek-a-boo. She likes to hide behind her duck toy. I guess she doesn't know that we can see her when she hides behind it! (by the way, I have no idea where this duck came from. If your child is missing a duck, let me know and we will give it back!) Anyway, this video showcases Kyndra's new walking skills as well as a game of peek-a-boo. (it also showcases Kyndra's handsome daddy!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kyndra Walking

More pics!

Here are some more pictures from our teen banquet. Will post some pictures from the adult banquet soon.

This is Josh's fish pond that he built for the banquet. It had floating candles that really added to the atmosphere.

Here is Josh as the old Chinese man!

The teens helped draw and cut out the awesome dragon. It really looked cool!
We made all of the decorations on the tables. The laterns really turned out great! I will show you how to make them on another post when I have time to sit down and do it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Asian Escape"

This year Josh and I got to help plan the Valentine banquet at our church. The theme was oriental, so we called it "Asian Escape". It was so much fun dreaming and scheming about all the details! The skit, to me, was the highlight of the night. Let's just say that it included my husband (playing an old Chinese man), Mr. Snider (playing a fat Chinese woman) and Seth ("Sumo Seth"). The decorations turned out really great. Of course, my husband's love of fish was displayed in the fish pond that they built in the middle of the fellowship hall. Above are some of the pictures from the teen banquet.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Scrappy Frog!

Hi Guys! My friend, Jeanette, has the cutest kids crafting blog. If you have little ones and are looking for great ideas, look no further! I also noticed that she just started selling her custom artwork online. Many of you have seen the custom art that she made for Kyndra's baby shower... It is AMAZING! If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift, send some business her way. You won't regret it! To check out her blog, go to There is a link for her online store.
Above is the art that she made for Kyndra's room. Behind the art is the blanket that she used to match the colors and stuff. AMAZING work!!!!

There is Somebody in our House!

Late last night (early this morning to be correct) I was having trouble sleeping. While I lay in my bed trying to relax, I heard a noise which sounded just like somebody coming up our stairs. The first time I heard it, I told myself that my mind was just playing tricks on me. There was nobody in our house..... but then I heard it again, and again. I leaned over to my sleeping husband and shouted, "Josh! There is somebody in our house!!!!!!" He flew out of bed, grabbed his gun, and began a heart-pounding investigation. Every room in the house had been checked. There was no intruder. He double checked every lock to make sure that they were secure, and then went back to a terrified wife.
"I KNOW I heard something," I told him. "I wasn't just hearing things!" Sweetly he assured me that maybe the neighbor's dog had wandered on our front porch.
"No, it sounded like footsteps on the stairs," I told him. Now he was a little jumpy too! He calmly reminded me that he had just been in every room. There was nothing to be afraid of. As he was speaking, I heard the noise again. This time, Josh heard it too! We both lay there, listening, when we heard the footsteps a few more times. "Maybe it is just Kyndra rolling over in her crib," Josh suggested. About that time we heard the sound of one of Kyndra's toys going off. She had been playing with her toys and smacking the side of her crib, making that terrible sound! When we heard the toy, we both laughed. I was sooooo glad that my little eleven month old daughter was our intruder!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Annette's AMAZING Frappuccinos

Here is Annette's great recipe that she gave me! Girls, I could drink these all day long!!!!

1 cup milk
enough ice to make 3 cups with milk
1 box of instant pudding
1 cup cool whip
1 tbs. instant coffee (I like a little more to make it stronger!)

Blend away!

You can also add peppermint extract, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or vanilla.


I am STILL God's Favorite!

This is a continuation of my previous post. Just in the last week or so I have been overwhelmed with God's blessings!!!

*My little baby is almost too big for her car seat! Can you believe that she will be a year old next month? Anyway, we priced car seats and found that they were $56.00 at the cheapest. Within a few days of pricing them, we were given one that a friend's child had outgrown! PRAISE THE LORD! HE just saved us $56.00!!!!

*A friend of mine had me over one day and made me a frappaccino. I marveled at the way her blender was able to blend the ice.... mine just kind of pushed the ice around in circles!!!! A few days later she stopped me and told me that she was SOOOO excited because she had a surprise for me. She had asked her husband if she could buy me a blender like hers, and he said yes! They didn't have the same one that she had in stock, so she bought me an even nicer model. I had a blast making frappaccinos and smoothies and everything else you can make in a blender!!!

*It looks like we are probably going to be able to get the house we have been praying for. It is not for sure, but very probable. This is VERY exciting to us!

*A friend called today and asked if my husband needed any shoes. They had found a great sale where the shoes were practically BOGO. They wanted to see if Josh needed dress shoes because it cost almost nothing for a NICE pair of shoes! Thank God! (His shoes were a little on the ratty side!!)

*Our teen department is going to a youth conference next month. We had little time to raise a lot of money. In the first week of fundraising, we have really seen God bless. The teens have already been able to raise much of the money needed!

These are just a few of the amazing things that God has done for us this week. Again I ask the question, do you feel like you are God's favorite?

Spa Day!

Every once in a while I try to take a little extra time to freshen my appearance. I am a huge fan of professional makeovers. At least twice a year I make an appointment for a friend and I at a major department store to get a few fresh makeup ideas. I know that luxury cosmetics come at luxury prices, but almost anybody can come up around $25.oo. This is usually all that I spend when I get a makeover. Most of the high end cosmetic companies will do a FREE makeover as long as you buy at least one thing. I have tried almost every company, but Clinique is my favorite (and happens to be the most inexpensive too!) When you make your appointment, tell them something that you have been wanting to try. One time I had them do "smoky eyes", while another time I wanted to get a dewy complexion. Really make this a special time. Grab your favorite drink to sip while they go to work on your face. Many of the bigger cosmetic companies also have a bonus time. This is a bunch of free stuff that they will give you if you spend a certain amount. This is a wonderful time to try out a new trend and get free stuff. Plan your makeovers around this promotion time!
Mama G (my mother-in-law) and I went during the holidays. We looked FABULOUS when we were done!

Another way that you can pamper your self is with an at-home spa day... in my case it is usually a "spa half-hour"! Light some candles, play nice music, take a long bath, do your toes, use a face mask, and read a great magazine. Take time to take care of yourself!

Since it is winter time, the weather has been bitterly cold here lately. My face has especially been dry. The at-home micro-dermabrasion kits are WONDERFUL! They really do a great job of getting rid of the dry skin and making your skin glow. I have tried the Mary Kay one and LOVED it! I have found a recipe for making your own micro-dermabrasion skin care. You can go to

If you have daughters, why not have a spa time with them? Do their nails, put a mask on their faces, and let them feel like princesses!I have many great memories of my mom, my sister, and I having our "beauty time" together. Not sure if it made us look any better, but we sure felt good about ourselves!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Festive Table

I am one of those people who believes in the expression, "Less is More," especially when it comes to decorating. I do, however, really love to decorate for every holiday. The solution I have found in decorating for a special day without going overboard is to use my table. I Have found that if my table looks special, my husband always notices! Here are some pics of my Valentine's Day table.

A Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Sunday, February 1, 2009

From the little pumpkin!

Happy Valentines
imikimi - Customize Your World!

Stay in your Cage!

A month ago a sweet yellow lab puppy adopted us. Usually a family chooses which animal they will take home.... this animal decided which family he wanted! He showed up at our house and wouldn't leave. We called Animal Control and the Humane Society to see if anyone had reported a missing puppy... needless to say, he joined our family!

Because we can't trust him when we leave our house, we always put him in a dog crate (or kennel... Josh and I still can't decide which name we like better!). He HATES the "crennel" (This is a compromise between crate and kennel!) The puppy always freaks out and jostles the cage so much that he scoots it around the room. He also discovered that if he moved it enough, he could wiggle the locks on the door open. Once or twice he has been able to get one of the two locks open, and squeeze out. Last night was a little different.

We got home late from a teen activity (Which, by the way was AWESOME!!!). We heard the puppy, which we ended up naming Stinky Pete - 'cause he stinks! - crying and barking. When we walked around the corner, immediately we realized that Pete was hurt. There was blood everywhere, and his whimper was different from his usual, "I want out so I can play," whimper. He had gotten one of the locks to open and had managed to squeeze most of him through the door. His right leg was now wedged tightly in the door, and no matter how hard he pulled, he couldn't get out. As a matter of fact, the harder he pulled , the worse the cut on his leg got! Luckily, the cut was wide, but not too deep. Josh held the dog while I cleaned the wound. We cleaned up the blood and wearily crawled into bed.

I thought today of how much this story reminds me of people. Because my husband and I work with teens every day, they came to my mind first. God gives us rules, or a "cage", to protect us. He sets up laws and boundaries in order to keep us safe. We never seem to see it that way. We see it as confinement from the good life. No drinking, no smoking, keep yourself pure until marriage, no inappropriate TV shows.... there are so many ways we see God's rules as a big cage, or crate, or kennel, or whatever name you have for it. Growing up, I can remember countless times where my friends were doing things that I knew went against the rules that God and my parents had for me. I chose to do right. Was I jealous of them? Honestly, yes. Sometimes I wished that I could live like they were living. It seemed so fun. Now, I see what a wonderful "cage" I had. I have the life I always wanted. I have a husband that loves me. My brain isn't fried on drugs. I haven't been divorced twice. I don't have a hangover every Sunday and wonder what happened Saturday night. I have such a great life, and it isn't on accident. The choices I made as a high school and college student are reflected in my life today. Boy, am I ever glad that I stayed in my cage!