Monday, May 10, 2010

My Greatest Accomplishment

I must admit that if I could somehow find a way to justify it, I would spend the entire day watching HGTV. I LOVE to watch home decorating shows! After watching a few episodes of one particular DIY show, I am confident that I could replace the tile in our bathroom all by myself it is ever needed! Recently I was watching a home design show where an inexperienced person gets to try their hand at being an interior designer. At the end of the show, they always do a big reveal and the homeowners get to see what the designer ended up doing with their living space. In this particular episode, the homeowners were delighted with the changes that took place. As the show drew to a close, the designer said through tearful eyes, "This is my greatest accomplishment! I have never been happier."
The whole day that phrase stuck in my head. I couldn't help but feel a little bit of pity for that poor woman.... that was her greatest accomplishment: choosing a nice paint color and couch. How sad!

Sometimes I like to watch the Biggest Loser. (I think it is because I feel skinny when I watch it!) In one episode a contestants said something that caught my attention: "This is my greatest accomplishment! I have lost so much weight!"

"Wow," I thought. "That man's greatest accomplishment in life is being able to fit into a smaller size."

Now I understand firsthand how difficult it is to lose weight. It is a huge battle that I am still fighting. However, I would be a little depressed if my greatest accomplishment was simply dropping those pesky pounds. I have bigger goals for myself. I have BIG dreams. I want to accomplish BIG things.

I thought I would just take a few minutes and list the things that I want to accomplish with my life. Here ya go, guys!

*I want to hear my Lord and Savior say, "Well done."
*I want to be the wife that God created me to be for my husband.
*I want to "train up my children in the way they should go..."
*I want to make a difference in the lives of the teens that God has called us to work with.
*I want to make my parents proud.
*I want to be a true friend to my friends. "If I have ever loved you, I will always love you." Dr. Jack Hyles
*I want to serve God until I die. I hope that I never go through a period in my life where I get seriously backslidden.
*I want to give my children and their children a "goodly heritage".
*I want to be loyal to my preacher and my church.
*I want somebody to be in the ministry because of my husband's and my influence.
*I want my children to see what a wonderful life serving God brings.
*I want to learn something new daily. I always want to grow.
*I want to REALLY know the Bible and what God thinks.
*I want to have a real life of prayer.
*I want to be somebody that can say, "Follow me as I follow Christ."

Wow! After making this list, I am thinking it might just be easier to lose 100 lbs and paint a room! I guess it is true that nothing worthwhile comes easy!

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