Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank God for a Messy House!

The title of this post is probably a little confusing. Why in the world would I ever be glad that my house is messy? Well let me start out by saying that it is clean at the moment. I REALLY cleaned it yesterday, so it shouldn't be dirty for a few more hours! I must admit that it really was embarrassingly dirty.... let me share with you why...

The last time I cleaned my house was on Thursday, April 16th! You see, my dear friend, Kina Fink, was getting married. I wouldn't have missed that occasion for the anything in the world! She has been through some difficult situations, and I am sooooo thankful that God brought Jonathan into her life! It was such a beautiful wedding. Needless to say, my house was not cleaned at all while we were away for this special day. We got home Saturday and busily got things in order for Sunday.

Sundays are always hectic (in a good way)! There are lessons to be taught in Sunday school, singing practices, activities to be planned for teen time, Junior Church preparations..... there is little "rest" on Sundays. If my kids get a bath I feel like I am Super Mom! The dishes making it into the dishwasher is the closest I am able to come to cleaning on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty exciting for us. Dr. Cox came and really helped us through his preaching. He comes every year and convicts us, pushes us, and encourages us. No cleaning done those nights!

Wednesdays are a favorite for me. Soulwinning is such a great time to spend time with our awesome teens. We lead souls to Christ, eat at McDonalds, and have a wonderful time. All the while, the dust on my shelves collects....

Thursday morning we left for my favorite conference of the year, "Our Time". This is an amazing youth conference that challenges our teens in an amazing way. Decisions for God are made and lives are changed. Instead of catching up on laundry, I was having my heart touched by some AMAZING preaching. We got home at 3:30 AM on Saturday morning. SOOOOO tired. Not a whole lot of housework was accomplished on Saturday - I was just exhausted!

Another Sunday rolls around. This one busier than most! A bridal shower for a sweet girl was held in the afternoon. She is a bus kid who grew up at our church... so exciting to see her living for God and marrying such a nice guy! They are the cutest couple! My poor house! It just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier!

FINALLY it is Monday. No conferences, weddings, or bridal showers! I spent hours cleaning and it felt soooo good! Did I feel guilty about the state of my home? No way! The only way I would have been able to have a neater house this week would have been to:
*Miss my best friend's wedding
*Skip the conference with Bro. Cox where my heart was stirred to love God more
*Ignore lost souls and skip soulwinning
*Stay home from "Our Time" and miss this important time with our teens
*Miss the bridal shower for one of the sweetest girls in our church

Do I think it is important to have a clean home? ABSOLUTELY! However, sometimes I am willing to let the dust collect in order to be in my place for God. A teen girl surrendered to full-time Christian service at the conference this week. I guess that is worth a little bit of dirt!

I have to admit though, it sure felt good to REALLY clean my home yesterday!


  1. Yeah for a dirty house!!! =)

    I saw a few pics from Kina's wedding-- GORGEOUS!! You looked cute as a button too!

  2. Love you and so proud of the way you juggle everything. You left out the part where your parents live in your driveway and barge in anytime they want.